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Breast cancer.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer for women. The good news is that breast cancer is normally not the most dangerous type of cancer. That is not much of a consolation for people who get the disease. However, most cases are curable if they are recognised in time and treatment is started immediately. This is made possible by improved early recognition and new treatment concepts (operative, radiation therapy and medicinal)

This makes breast carcinoma able to be treated in a more targeted and successful way today. Another positive side effect is that modern therapies that are used in Austria are often less stressful, have fewer side effects and vastly increase the quality of life for those who are treated.

Thanks to these successes, the number of deaths has been continually dropping in Austria for several years in spite of an increasing rate of new cases. Five years after their diagnosis more than 80 percent of the patients here are still alive, and this number continues to grow.

An important requirement for successful treatment is close cooperation of oncologists, surgeons, pathologists, radiologists, specialists in nuclear medicine and radiation therapists. The therapy that is used is chosen on an individual basis. But it is guaranteed that in Austria only the most modern, most effective and best therapy will be used for you.

Treatment methods:


In Austria, operations are always carried out with breast-conserving surgery if possible. In addition, axillary lymph nodes are removed to rule out an attack by cancer cells.

Medication therapy

Chemotherapy can be used before operations (to shrink tumours) or after operations (to prevent or eliminate metastases).

Hormone therapy should restrict cancer growth and can be used on a long-term basis.

Immunotherapy blocks important biochemical signalling cascades and supports the immune system.

Radiation therapy
Radiation is normally combined with an operation and/or chemotherapy. The goal is to destroy the tumour and/or any other tumour cells that are still in existence.